Research Capabilities

We provide end-to-end services across the survey research value chain and expertise across all modes of research-telephone, internet, mobile and face-to-face. Whatever your research objectives, RS Marketing Services can deliver:

Research Design – Data Analysis– Insight Generation– Report Writing – Presentation

Types of Research

Depending on your particular business need, we can help you determine the best methodology to reach your desired audience and get answers to your research questions.

Market Exploration

  • Qualitative exploration identify or uncover unmet needs to identify new
    market opportunities.
  • Quantitative exploration estimate usage rates and market potential.
  • Segmentation (behavioral, attitudinal, demographic) to identify potential segments for targeting your message.
  • Brand strength / equity determine determine the impact of a new product or line extension on your brand.
  • Attitudes and awareness indentify how people feel about the product/service; do they know if it exists? How is it perceived in the marketplace?”

Product/Service Development and Positioning

  • Concept screening/testing/refinement narrow down / prioritize concepts.
  • Pricing conduct conjoint and discreet choice research to determine the best price.
  • Product testing lower your risk by testing the product / packaging.
  • Ad copy and imagery testing to make sure it resonates with the
    intended market.

Ongoing & Longitudinal Studies

  • Insight gathering conduct idea generation and new product innovation sessions, track trends over time.
  • Ad and brand trackers
  • Satisfaction tracking voice of the customer.
  • Benchmarking & market trackers custom panels are ideal for conducting longitudinal studies as year over year data is stored and available to analyze on demaind.
  • Trend identification & forecasting identify new trends and/or estimate the likelihood of current and future trends based on existing information.
  • Segmentation validation ensure segments are responding as anticipated.
  • Post launch testing track customer satisfaction and take appropriate actions.