Custom Panels

A custom panel is like your own in-house intelligence asset. It provides regular access to and dialog with customers, prospects or constituents over time, enabling you to build affinity, spot trends, identify changes in consumer attitudes and behavior, and measure ongoing customer satisfaction. A custom panel is ideal for conducting longitudinal studies, as year-over-year data is stored and available to analyze on demand.Panels are custom-recruited; that is, participants who are invited to join meet a predesigned profile of the customer you wish to study.

Panel size can range from 1,000 to 10,000 members. Panelists agree to provide their opinions, feedback and advice to companies; participating in a minimum number of online surveys over a 12-month period, for example. Or they can be asked to participate in an online discussion or join a community.


A custom panel is highly responsive (30-50% response vs. 1-10% with email lists and access panels), providing actionable intelligence to help you make the right decisions quickly and confidently.

In addition, a custom panel’s rapid response capability saves time and money:

  • Custom panels enable shorter, just-in-time surveys.
  • Time savings are 10 to 20 days per project over traditional methods and 5 to 7 days for comparable web survey methods.
  • On average, custom panels cut 25% to 50% in project costs in year one and more in
    year two.
  • They provide quantitative and qualitative data in one integrated platform, where time,
    cost or location are no longer limiting factors.
  • The insight gained lowers the risk of products and programs missing market requirements.

A custom panel is most appropriate when:

  • There is a need for ongoing, continuous feedback.
  • A sample is difficult to find, as in the case of highly specialized professional or
    consumer types.
  • Stringent screeners are needed to fit your specific demographic or other
    segmentation needs.
  • Turnaround is needed quickly.

Custom Panel Services

RS Marketing Services offers the experience and support you need to maximize your panel strategy or online research program and the insight derived from it.

We provide:

  • Panel recruitment and implementation plan – We manage the recruiting process,
    including recruit execution, monitoring and reporting.
  • Panel strategy development – We provide a detailed analysis of panel health with recommendations regarding panel refreshment, strategies to recruit new individuals and the purging of inactive panelists. Annual restaging includes recommendations on how to augment your panel, suggested edits to your profiling questionnaire and a rewrite of the panel plan.
  • Ongoing panel management – We manage the overall health of your panel, monitoring everything from stop points within surveys to response rates, attrition, tone and messaging.
  • Professional survey design and execution – We provide sound survey design, critical to both response rates and the reliability of the survey data.
  • End-to-end execution survey execution.
  • Effective incentive solutions and management – We can help you determine if an incentive is necessary and, if so, what the incentive should be. We will also manage the tracking and distribution for you.
  • Panelist communication plans – We will design a communication plan that fosters your relationships with panelists, controls attrition and enables us to leverage the panel’s longitudinal potential.
  • Produce a branded website – Our creative team will custom design a website for you or use your company’s brand guidelines to create one. The unique design elements will be repeated throughout the panelist portal, on email invitations and reminders, and on the panelist newsletter (if applicable).
  • Data collection and delivery – We will study fielding, issue follow-up reminders and provide daily distribution reports for live studies. We will also deliver final results in your preferred format (SPSS, Excel, XML).
  • Reporting and analysis – We will provide customized reporting, ongoing analyst support, project-based consulting engagements and syndicated analysis and reports.